This is our Story 

OOAK was founded in 2022 by Judith. Mother and Fashion addict.

This vision became a passion for me and searching for the perfect weekender bag, our first product – The Weekender 55 was born. The concept of our weekender bags is not only for travel, they are designed to be your perfect everyday companions.

My motivation

"I always loved the idea of personalization to create something exclusive, unparalleled, second to none."

JUDITH - OOAK Bags Founder


Judith enjoys very close ties to Hungary. Consequently she found the ideal partner in Budapest to transform her vision into the ultimate bag.

OOAK Bags are made out of leftover fabrics and leather. We love the idea of recycling our carefully picked fabrics and create something new. 

In this respect we want to counter the excessive consumption of resources and do good to our planet.

OOAK is upcycled

We source our textile and leather goods from leftovers from large Italian fashion houses. We want to let abandoned materials live on. From this point of view, we want to counteract the excessive consumption of resources and protect our planet.